Hi, I'm Meltem!

In my early years, my strong interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle stemmed from my experiences as an overweight child. This pivotal period in my life fueled my curiosity and determination to delve deeper into the realm of nutrition and exercise. However, despite my efforts to adopt “healthy” eating habits, I faced unexpected health challenges when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2016 and later with Fibromyalgia.

A significant turning point occurred after a major jaw surgery in 2011, which left me struggling to regain my energy levels. For an extended period, I grappled with constant fatigue and an overall sense of exhaustion, taking more than three months to partially recover. I frequently experienced flu-like symptoms, with my entire body in pain. Exercise, which had been a vital part of my life for over a decade, suddenly became a source of illness, and despite consulting numerous doctors, the only solution offered was a repeated cycle of antibiotics. After enduring this scenario numerous times in a short span, I had no choice but to abandon high-intensity cardio workouts, such as running, for the sake of my well-being. These challenges were further compounded by migraines, digestive issues, hair loss, unwanted weight gain, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, ongoing UTI’s, brain fog and many other symptoms that plagued me.

After years of seeking answers and consulting various doctors, I finally received the autoimmune diagnosis in 2016. This revelation left me bewildered—why had my body suddenly turned against itself? The medical professionals offered little hope for healing, leaving me in a state of uncertainty. It was during this period that I turned to Yoga, finding solace in its practice as it was the only form of movement my body could tolerate without causing a health setback.

However, my life took a remarkable turn when I stumbled upon the Medical Medium books in October 2018. These books fundamentally reshaped my understanding of nutrition and its connection to disease. Within just a few months of implementing the protocols outlined in these books, I began to experience significant improvements. My digestive issues resolved, and many long-standing symptoms, including migraines, started to fade away after two decades of persistence. Today, my thyroid hormone levels have normalized, and I have regained the energy to take on a multitude of tasks.


I have a degree in Business Administration and Controlling from the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz, Germany. My professional journey has included over 12 years of experience as a business consultant at Mercedes-Benz.

In February 2020, I achieved certification as a yoga teacher, completing a rigorous 200-hour training program. 

In 2022, I received my health coaching certification from Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), New York. I also graduated from “RiseUp”  and “Soar Higher” by Muneeza Ahmed, a program designed for practitioners of the Medical Medium information. Both programs have equipped me with valuable insights and tools for furthering my professional aspirations.

Since then, I am actively involved in the Intuitive Healing Community by Muneeza Ahmed, where I serve as a Support Coach.